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Chernobyl Survivor

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Welcome to 50 minutes of stand-up comedy in English. One hour of raw humour from an Eastern European comedian living in Sweden. Having survived the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Donatas is showcasing five years of frustration from the hardships of making Swedish friends and their lagom approach to life. Donatas has a taste for dark but warm humour which will make you laugh outside of your comfort zone.

  • Donatas is no stranger to the Lund Comedy Festival taking a third place of the Grand Comedy Slam 2020
  • Donatas has presented his first solo hour at his hometown of Gothenburg 2022
  • Donatas has featured in three sold out Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2021 shows
  • Donatas has performed in Berlin, Amsterdam and other cities in Europe
  • Donatas is an active part of the Swedish comedy scene regularly performing in clubs around the country

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