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Ben Kersley · Gangster Comedian

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Ben Kersley is a Gangster Comedian and this is his story. Come and join his gang! 

Wherever he’s performed, the police have never been far behind – From Sweden (illegal flyposting), to the UK (driving too fast to a gig), and even an encounter with an elite armed police unit in Denmark (mistaken identity). 

Ben has overcome the disadvantages of being middle class and middle aged to fulfil his inescapable destiny. His is a life of crime, shaped by an upbringing in Birmingham (Home of The Peaky Blinders) and over a decade in Sweden’s gun capital Linköping (“Come to Linköping! You’ll be blown away!”). 

Gangster Comedian is Ben Kersley’s True Crime Tale of life on the wrong side of the law, but firmly on the right side of comedy

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